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Moving to Marietta, Georgia!

Marietta, Georgia is one of Georgia’s best locations to live, with superb schools, a diverse population, close access to Atlanta, and much more! Marietta was founded in 1834 and has experienced significant expansion through the years. Marietta’s main purpose is to give visitors and residents a high quality of life!  If you are interested in purchasing a home in Marietta or in the Atlanta area, please give us a call at (678)-239-4943.

Homebuyers’ Market

This market is greatly diverse; whether you’re looking for a simple home or stunning luxury mansion, there’s something for everyone Marietta. This city attracts all kinds of homebuyers, including single working professionals, growing families, and retirees alike. The typical home value of homes in Marietta is $364,359 according to Zillow. This value is seasonally adjusted and only includes the middle price tier of homes. Marietta home values have gone up 14.9% over the past year.


Marietta estimated population is 61,307, according to the most recent United States census estimates. Marietta ranks as the 14th largest city in Georgia. This city is also home to many different ethnic groups.


Marietta has a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities for people of all ages. Marietta is famed for its culture. There are six major historic districts in the city, which are: Historic Train Depot, County Courthouse, Strand Theatre, and more! Another attraction includes Glover Park, located in the heart of Marietta Square, which hosts several concerts, parties, and other activities. Marietta also has various restaurants and stores, making it a “must see” city!

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