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Custom Homebuilders in Georgia!

Many homeowners and contractors are beginning to explore for unique ways to bring character to the city. Custom house construction is a terrific way to add style to these southern neighborhoods, which are already noted for their individual personalities. To assist you with your house construction needs, we’ve hand-picked custom home builders in Georgia. We sought for contractors that had won honors, had experience with historic construction, and had worked on a variety of architectural designs. There’s a contractor for you on this list, whether you’re looking for a modest house remodel or a huge custom home project.

It’s always smart to have a buyer’s agent when building a custom home. In addition to knowing which builders are reputable in the Atlanta area, a real estate agent can help you negotiate a deal that will save you much more money than just the 2-3% the builder takes off the price. They’ll keep the project on track, fight for your best interests, and help you schedule an inspection on the final build. It’s important to remember that the builder’s agent is trying to continue to get the builder’s business by not giving you the best deal. The builder’s sales reps are also on the builder’s team and will try and get the highest profit margins for the builder. An experienced agent can help make sure everything is put into writing and make sure it gets completed the right way. Contact our real estate agency Davis and Hawbaker Real Estate Group to learn more.

The Berndsen Company, Inc.

The Berndsen Company, a nine-time recipient of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association OBIE Award and the prestigious Phillip Shutze Award, has been designing and restoring luxury homes in Atlanta since the mid-80s. Jon Berndsen, a 40-year construction industry veteran, is the team’s president. Berndsen graduated from Auburn University’s School of Architecture with a degree in Building Science and was a founder member of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) Southeast.

John Willis Custom Homes

John Willis Custom Homes creates homes with a distinct style that embodies southern charm. Because the firm operates in Atlanta’s historic districts, it is committed to preserving Georgia’s history and culture. Its Atlanta-based team includes architects, designers, carpenters, and artisans who work together to create these magnificent residences.

ETB Homes

ETB Homes is easy and enjoyable to work with because of its unique design, practical layouts, and exceptional house building experience. Homes are more than just a location to put your money; they’re also a place where you may have unforgettable gatherings and chats. ETB Houses creates timeless homes that its customers will enjoy viewing every time they return home.

Bonner Buchanan Custom Homes

Homes with flair and grace are a hallmark of Bonner Buchanan Custom Homes’ work. Jerry Bonner, a visionary in the high-end residential home building industry, was born in 1978. He instilled his love of traditional European architecture in the residences his company constructs. Rhett Bonner, Jerry’s son, eventually joined the firm, and together with Wes Buchanan, they continued to create magnificent homes throughout Georgia’s neighborhoods.

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