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Atlanta’s Best Private Schools (List)

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Choosing the right school for your child or children is a big decision.  For many families, enrolling their child in a private school may be the perfect choice.  Whether it is for religious affiliation, programs offered, family traditions, and a host of other factors, there are certainly some great options available. Let’s look at a few of the top private schools in the Atlanta area, based on the Private School Review and Niche, both of which are websites that allow an in-depth look at some of the premier private institutions in the country.

A sample of some of Atlanta’s private schools that are affiliated with a specific faith/religion will be discussed first.  These schools are a mix of middle and high school combined, as well as a few designed for children in preschool through high school, or infancy/preschool through eighth grade.  Later in this blog, some options for non-secular private schools will be discussed. These options are also a combination of grade levels. 


Brandon Hall- 1701 Brandon Hall Dr.  Atlanta, GA  (770-394-8177)


Brandon Hall Private School Atlanta 


Brandon Hall is a Presbyterian private school that offers both a boarding and a day school option. It is a smaller private school, with an enrollment of 200 students.  25 percent of the student body is part of a minority group.  Twenty-five percent of the students at the school are also on some type of financial aid. The yearly cost is $29,750 (varies depending on boarding or day option).  

70 percent of those who apply are accepted, and acceptance is based on many different factors, with specifics being given by inquiring directly with the school.   Also, 99% of those who graduate from Brandon Hall go on to attend college at universities all over the country.    

It is a grade 6-12 (middle and high school) school and it offers ten sports:  soccer, baseball, swimming, track and field, basketball, and golf, to name a few.  Several sports might only be offered as an option for high school, which includes grades 9-12.  

Moreover, Brandon Hall offers options for summer school, ADD/ADHD support, and specialized programs for learning differences amongst students.  Also, this school has an excellent Global Education program where diversity is explored and studied thoroughly through study abroad and other opportunities.  They also have an excellent STEAM program and a Chinese Dual Diploma Program.

The school offers admissions events throughout the winter and spring, specifically January-May, where parents or guardians can RSVP, attend, and gain specific information about the school’s admission’s process. 

For more information on Brandon Hall, please visit their website at

Heritage Preparatory School-  1700 Piedmont Avenue NE Atlanta, GA 30324, (404-815-7711)

 Heritage Preparatory School Atlanta Private School 

Heritage Preparatory School is a Christian based private school located in the heart of Atlanta.  There are 182 students in classes Pre-K through 8thgrade.   The percentage of ethnically diverse students is around 7%.   Tuition varies for grade levels but starts at around $8,500 for pre-K and Kindergarten and goes up to approximately $16,500 for 8thgrade.  Any financial aid requests are done through a third-party called FACTS. 

Since Heritage Prep is a Christian based school, it places emphasis on Christian principles, without being tied down to a specific religion.  The curriculum follows a Western Civilization premise, a “classical” approach to education where art, history, language, philosophy, and literature and their principles are emphasized in the classroom and beyond.

Heritage Preparatory School offers the following sports:

  • Co-ed cross country
  • Girls volleyball
  • Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Girls Soccer
  • Golf
  • Tennis

For anyone interested in having their child attend this school, the following steps for admission take place. During a current school year, Heritage begins to take applications for the following school year in October. During the month of February, early in the month, a $125 registration fee and forms are due.  Then, the JATP test results are due, about a week later. Lastly, there is an online assessment that must be done.  The actual dates may vary each year.  For 2019, the dates were 2/4, 2/11, and 2/21 and 2/22.    Furthermore, Heritage Prep also conducts parent interviews as part of the application process in February and March.

If you would like more detailed information on Heritage Preparatory School, please go online to

Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School- 805Mount Vernon Hwy, NW
Atlanta, GA 30327  (404-255-4025)


Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School is the only episcopal school in Georgia that offers classes for children in Pre-K (3-year preschool) all the way through high school.   This modernly designed, state of the art private school has 1,356 students, with around 16 students per class as an average.   This school is co-ed and is a fully accredited college preparatory day school.   The yearly tuition to attend Holy Innocents’ is $27,870 for middle and high school and varies down from there, depending if a child in in Pre-K, Kindergarten, or in grades 1-5.  Fifteen percent of students receive financial aid.   Holy Innocents also has a $25.5 million endowment.

Furthermore, this private episcopal school has three state of the art libraries on campus, as well as 26 AP course selections to choose from as the high school level.  A high percentage of students who graduate go on to attend some of the premier universities in the south including, but not limited to, the University of Georgia, Vanderbilt University, Wake Forest, and Clemson, to name a few. 

The deadline to apply for admission for the next school year is February 1st.  Any student prospect is required to pay a $95 application fee, go through a face to face interview with admissions staff, and take the SSAT test.  More specific information on the admissions/application process can be found by contacting the school directly.

If you are curious about athletic options at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, you’ll be happy to hear that this school offers 17 different sports, both at the JV and Varsity levels.  A sample of the options include Track and Field, Equestrian, Basketball, Drill Team, Diving, Baseball, and Cheerleading.  

For more information, please check the school’s website at

Marist School- 3790 Ashford Dunwoody Road Ne
Atlanta, GA 30319 (770-457-7201)

 Marist School Atlanta Private School

Marist School is a co-ed, Roman Catholic based, private school for middle and high school students in grades 7-12. A total of 1,080 students attend here. It is estimated that the diversity percentage is around 23%.   The cost to attend Marist is $18,930/year.  The school also has an endowment of $23.1 million.

Marist is a college preparatory school that focuses on the whole student- they place high value on academics, the Roman Catholic faith, community service and more.  They have career-based class options for students to choose from, as well as emphasis on technology, fine arts, and much more!  To add to this, 100% of Marist graduates go on to attend four-year colleges and universities in Georgia and beyond.

Marist School also has a great reputation for high-quality, competitive athletic programs.  In fact, around 80% of the students here participate in athletics at various levels.  Marist offers 17 different sports such as basketball, Cheer, Cross Country, Dance, Lacrosse, Soccer, Weightlifting, and much more. 

For anyone interested in applying to attend Marist School, there is a deadline of January 28th. The school may still accept students after that date, but they will go onto a waitlist.  After the initial application, there are a series of events that take place including taking the SSAT, applying for financial aid, and an acceptance date if offered a spot.  Please contact the school or the website for specific dates.

For more specific information on programs and curriculum, please visit Marist School’s website at


The Epstein School – 335 Colewood Way  Atlanta, GA 30328 (404-250-5600)

The Epstein School

The Epstein School is located in the Atlanta suburb of Sandy Springs, GA.  It is a Jewish faith-based school for children starting out as Infants in full day care through eighth grade.   It is co-ed, with 600 students enrolled.  The tuition schedule is a wide-range, with prices anywhere from around $7,000 for half day preschool programs up to around $24,000 for grades 5-8. This school offers tuition help based on income, as well as a Pay It Forward tuition help program. 

The Epstein School focuses on Jewish principles throughout their curriculum.  This includes a rich Hebrew dual language program that begins in the early childhood programs at the school.  The school believes that having dual-language capabilities will help them succeed not only in school and academics, but throughout their whole life.

This private school has also been recognized as a Blue Ribbon School, as well as recognition by the US Department of Education as an innovator in education.  The Epstein school also has affiliations with the Atlanta Association of Independent Schools and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

The Epstein School offers ten different sports:  Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Rock Climbing, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Track and Field and Volleyball.

Admissions is a three-step process at The Epstein School.  First, you must schedule a visit.  After that, there is a $175 non-refundable fee, along with a required birth certificate, current GA immunization form, and an up-to-date photograph of the child. Lastly, the school has required forms to be filled out beyond that (i.e.  Teacher Recommendation Form, release forms, and other transcripts as requested).

For more information about this school, please go to:

Thus far, we’ve brought you information on some of the Atlanta area’s private schools that are part of a specific religion or faith.   While these are all excellent choices, some families may be looking at private schools that are non-faith based, or they are looking for a private school that might focus more on a specialized area, such as special education, or foreign language, for example.   Below is a breakdown of a few excellent non-secular options. 

Atlanta International School- 2890 North Fulton Drive
Atlanta, GA 30305  (404-840-3840)

 Atlanta International School  

Atlanta International School (also known as AIS) is a unique option in that it offers education from both an American, as well as international point of view.  In fact, AIS has several international memberships/affiliations such as being a member of the European Council for International Schools.  It is a co-ed school, serving students in PreK through high school.   There are 1,278 students who attend AIS, with an average class size of 16.

Tuition averages anywhere from around $22,000 for Pre-K-grade 4 up to around $26,000 for grades 9-12. Around 12 percent of students at AIS receive financial aid.   In addition, around half of the students are defined as being International students. AIS is a big draw for families from other countries who want to move to the Atlanta area for work or family reasons.

AIS has a rich tradition of offering a rigorous, college preparatory education.  In fact, 99% of those students who graduate from here go on to attend a four-year university.  Atlanta International School has a large focus on language, including a newly incorporated Mandarin language program.   This school also has an excellent Arts and Design program, helping students gain their maximum potential in areas such as theater, design, and visual arts.

Sports wise, Atlanta International School offers a total of 10 sports:  Basketball, cross country, golf, sailing, soccer, swimming, tennis, track and field, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball.

Moreover, AIS has an admission process.  You have fill out an online inquiry, as well as setting up an account to apply.  AIS encourages prospective students and families to set up an in-person meeting and/or attend admissions events held throughout the year.

For more specific information on the Atlanta International School, please visit

Atlanta Speech School – 3160 Northside Pkwy NW Atlanta, GA 30327   (404-233-5332)

Atlanta Speech School 

The Atlanta Speech School is a co-ed, special services based, private speech school designed for kids ages infancy through age 18.  It was established in 1938.   Approximately 500 students attend Atlanta Speech School with diversity rates around 12%.  Since the school is combination of various school settings, clinical labs, and other programs, tuition rates vary and are provided by contacting the school admissions department directly.

Atlanta Speech school is a private school that works with a specific population of children, from birth through the teenage years, who suffer from hearing and speech related delays.  It is broken down into 4 different language related schools, and 5 clinics that focus on speech therapy, occupational therapy, psycho-educational studies, and much more.

In addition, Atlanta Speech School also offers Social Skills Groups that allow children to grow in their interactions with other children through help with making friends, handling aggression and stress and more.  Overcoming social issues will further help these children succeed in a classroom setting.

To learning about how to enroll in the services the school offers, on the website there is an inquiry you can fill out right there, or you can call the school directly for more information or to set up a visit in-person.

Atlanta Speech school also has an excellent website that further outlines the services provided. Please go to  for more information.


The Ben Franklin Academy- 1585 Clifton Rd Ne Atlanta, GA 30329  (404-633-7404)


If you are looking for a smaller private high school for your child, and/or one that offers a non-traditional learning model, check out The Ben Franklin Academy.  It a co-ed school for grades 9-12 with 134 students.  This academy offers very small class sizes of around 7 students, with a student to teacher ratio of 5:1.  Tuition is $26,000/year.  It is estimated that around 10% of the students receive tuition help. The diversity percentage is around 32%.

A big draw to the Ben Franklin Academy is their Individualized Instruction.  All of the academics are done either 1:1 or in small group settings. This is a change of pace from a traditional classroom size and setting.  They also use a mastery learning model where students have to keep focusing on a specific topic until they reach a 90% or higher on all the homework and tests related to the lesson or topic being taught.

Also, The Ben Franklin Academy offers full-day school, half day mornings, half day afternoons, and a work-study program, which may affect tuition cost as well.  It is also noted that 98% of those students who graduate from here go on to attend 4-year universities.  

The Ben Franklin Academy offers 3 sports: Cross County, Golf and Ultimate Frisbee.  Yoga is also taught at the school as a PE credit.

The admissions procedure is as follows.   Students first go through a phone interview with the head of the school.   Next, he or she must visit the school in person and meet with the head of the school in person.  From there, the prospective student will fill out an admissions packet, which is evaluated by an admissions committee.  Since the academic programs are tailored for the student, students are admitted year-round. 

If you would like more information about The Ben Franklin Academy, please visit:   

Imhotep Academy- 667 Fairburn Rd. NW  Atlanta, GA 30331 (404)586-9595

Imhotep Academy 

Imhotep Academy is a great option for private schooling in Atlanta.  It boasts a 98 percent African-American student population, with curriculum that focuses on some African principles.   Imhotep offers a challenging academic environment, as well as special programs to aid those students who may need extra help.  This school is for kids age Prekindergarten through eighth grade.  The cost is between $9,000 and $10,200, depending on the grade level the child is enrolled.  Only around 5% of those who attend this academy receive financial aid.

The average class size is 18 students and there is a 10:1 student to teacher ratio.   A total of 171 students attend school here.  Imhotep also offers summer programming, which may affect tuition rates as well.

Imhotep Academy takes a rich African history and intertwines those principals with a curriculum that pushes students to do their best.  This school also takes a very child-centered approach to learning.  The staff at the school embraces each child and their unique learning styles by allowing work in small groups, enrichment programs, music and much more.

This school also offers 10 different options for sports:  Ballet, basketball, cheer, dance, fencing, indoor soccer, martial arts, traditional outdoor soccer, swimming, and track and field.

Another big selling point for Imhotep Academy is that 95% of the faculty have advanced degrees in education and education related fields such as administration, social work, psychology, depending on their position held at the school.  

For more information or to schedule an in-person visit at Imhotep Academy, please visit the school’s website at

Pace Academy-  966 W. Paces Ferry Road NW
Atlanta, GA 30327 (404-262-1345)


Pace Academy is another solid option for private schooling in the Atlanta area.  It was founded in 1958 and offers curriculum for children starting at Pre-First all the way through high school.  Pace is a co-ed school with an enrollment of 1,106 students.  The diversity rate is around 24%.   Tuition wise, costs start at $24,575 for Pre-First- Fifth, and goes up to $28,300 for grades 6-12.  Around 13% of the students in attendance receive financial aid. 

Pace offers a challenging curriculum for all the age groups it serves.  The approach here is that students at all levels learn best when the curriculum is adapted by the teachers as needed, along with teaching in smaller class sizes.  The academic curriculum also focuses on the students applying what the have learned to being productive members of the 21stCentury society. 

Pace Academy offers their high school students 23 different AP courses to help them prepare for college.  In fact, this private school boasts a 100% college attendance after graduation.  Students from Pace go on to attend top universities in the south such as the University of Georgia, Vanderbilt University, and the University of Texas-Austin, to name a few. 

For students interested in attending a private school that has a lot of options to play on a sports team, Pace Academy offers 19 different sports!   A few of the options include, but are not limited to, a few of the following sports:  Baseball, cheer, diving, football, golf, mountain biking, soccer, swimming, tennis and more.  

To apply to Pace Academy, there are a few things to note.  The deadline to apply to Pace for the following school year is February 1. For anyone interested in applying after the February 1 deadline, the school must be contacted directly.  A lot of times, late applications cannot be accepted until May.  For those who turn applications in by February 1, any other needed application materials can be turned in by February 15.  The school also requires tests such as the SSAT and JATP (depending on grade level), teacher recommendations, and any past report cards.

For more specific information on Pace Academy, please visit their website at:

The Children’s School- 345 Tenth Street NEAtlanta, GA 30309   (404-873-6985)

 The Children’s School 

The Children’s School is was founded in 1970 as a lab school and has evolved into a private school that offers a lot of hands on learning.  It is in Midtown Atlanta and offers education for children ages 3 through 8thgrade.  It is co-ed, with 389 students.  Just under 50% of the students who attend school here are part of an ethnic or minority group. 

Tuition varies depending on whether the child attends full or half days for the 3 and 4-year-old program (starting at $13.975 for half days), full or half days for 4 and 5 year old children, and goes up to $21,250 for elementary age children.  Approximately 17% of children who attend The Children’s School receive aid to go there.  

The Admissions process is done completely on-line and is managed by Ravenna Solutions.  The Children’s School will begin accepting registrations for the following school year on October 1stof the current school year, with several deadlines for admission falling in January.  There is an early registration fee of $50 for applications turned in by January 18th and a regular fee of $80 for applications received after 1/18 but before February 15th. 

The Children’s School takes a very hands-on approach to learning.   Their mission follows the premise that children learn best by taking what they have learned in the classroom and applying that to the world around them.  Teachers will frequently use mediums such field trips, play, hand-on science projects, and over night camping trips starting in third grade, to give children the tools they need to learn and apply to the world around them.

This new-age learning environment also offers sports such as basketball, cross country, soccer, track and field, and volleyball. 

To find out more about The Children’s School, please visit their website at

The Galloway School    215 West Wieuca Road NW    Atlanta, GA 30342  (404-252-8389)

The Galloway School Atlanta 

The Galloway School was founded in 1969 and offers education for kids from Pre-K through 12thgrade. It a co-ed school with 750 students and 25% are part of an ethnic group.  Tuition starts at $16,999 for Pre-K (3 and 4 year olds) and moves up from there, topping at $27,950 for grades 9-12.  The school follows guidelines from the NAIS with regards to offering tuition assistance. 

This private school offers a wide range of programming tailored for the early learners, the school age years, and up through middle and high school grades.  The Galloway School places high emphasis on student driven learning and fostering a sense of human dignity and helping students to want to learn beyond just the school setting. 

In addition, in 2018, 100% of the graduating seniors went on to attend 52 different universities across the country.  The school offers 1:1, individualized college counseling as well.

The school offers 13 different sports including, but not limited to:  Baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, swimming and diving, and more.

For anyone interested in applying, here are some required steps.  First, The Galloway School uses Ravenna Solutions, which is an online tool that manages application forms, etc.  They also require in person meetings, they will speak to a child’s parents, and there are also some required tests at certain levels, such as the JATP and SSAT.  

To find out more information on The Galloway School, please go online to:

Woodward Academy-  1662 Rugby Avenue Atlanta, GA 30337  (404-765-4001)


Woodward Academy was founded in 1900 and is the largest private co-ed day school in the United States.  It can accommodate students starting in Pre-K through 12thgrade.  It has an enrollment of 2,635 students.  The tuition to attend starts at $17,600 for Pre-K and goes up to $27,750 for middle and high school (typically grades 6-12).    It is estimated that around 15 percent of those in attendance receive financial aid.   Also, around half of the students there identify with a minority ethnic group. 

This school has a lot to offer students.  STEM programs are available to students at all levels to maximize learning potential in science, technology, engineering and math.  Woodward Academy also has a transitional learning program that focuses on smaller class sizes to help those with ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning challenges.  This college preparatory transitional learning program was one of the first of its kind to be offered in the Atlanta area. 

Moreover, there is a 7:1 student to teacher ratio, to allow for maximum learning potential.  Also, 83% of the faculty hold advanced degrees.  Woodward Academy boasts an impressive 100% graduation rate, as well as a 100% college entry rate.

Woodward Academy offers a total of 23 sports, some at competitive and/or intermural levels.  Sports offered include, but are not limited to: Archery, Ballet, Fencing, Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Volleyball and more!

For admission to this school, any prospective student must turn in their application for the next school year by February 28.   There is a $125 registration fee, an in-person interview, as well as required or in some cases recommended SSAT scores.

For more specific information about Woodward Academy, please visit their website at

While this is not an exhaustive list of all the private school options in Atlanta, and the surrounding metro area, it gives a guide of some excellent choices to pursue if you are in the market for a private school for your child.  Each one in this blog offers something different to the right student. We encourage you to check out in person the ones we highlighted here, as well as any others in the area, to get a hands-on, personalized feel for the atmosphere at the school.   Good luck in your quest for the best private school for your child or children!